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Welcome to, the website that features real cars, driven by real people. Rest assured, buy here pay here Auto Sales is not your typical “classic cars” site. pays tribute to working-class cars, buy here pay here semi trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles driven by regular people as they go about their day-to-day lives.

What exactly is a buy here pay here tampa?
A Real Car might be your first car, a “winter beater” (if you live in the snow belt), or a beltway basher for those of you in major metro areas. A Real Car will probably have been beat up, fixed up, and nearly used up as the mileage has been run up.

Yet, to qualify for this site, pay here buy here  must still be licensed and on the road. Some folks might argue that these are junkyard-quality vehicles, but they can’t be in the junkyard quite yet.

Does that make these Real Cars “bad” cars? Not at all! Buy Here Pay Here Greenville SC experience, most Real Car owners are darn proud of it–their vehicle is one of the family, pet-like or even child-like.

Imagination counts when pursuing low-budget repairs. Check out the beach-towel-and-duct-tape combo that serves as a rear window on this station wagon with buy here pay here Chicago.

Plenty of websites, magazines, books, and calendars feature “dream cars” but if you drive a Real Car–a “nightmare car” to some–  buy here pay here car lots will undoubtedly spend less and the challenge of keeping it running (once you get it started, of course) is almost never ending..
The challenge is that buy here pay here Dallas TX even greater if you factor in the time investment. Why order parts and wait for them, then devote a weekend to installation, when some nylon rope, aluminum foil, and, of course, duct tape will do the trick? Just how long can you keep that ’81 Citation running without putting more than $20 into it at a time?

We’d really like to know about buy here pay here Buffalo NY

Odds are, then, that these Real Cars with buy here pay here Chicago have been jury-rigged, riveted, baling-twined or plastic-wrapped back together. The more creative the repair (or as we prefer to think of it, “upgrade”), the better.

Let’s face it, how many of us have the capital, skill, and patience to bad credit car lease restore a ’65 Lincoln?

Yet, with a shoestring budget, some buy here pay here Maine  muttered curses, the occasional prayer and a strategically placed blow from a BFH*, we can nurse that ’86 Pontiac 6000 along for another thousand miles, right?

Many Real Buy Here Pay Here Greensboro NC Cars hold value well beyond any possible asking price. The owner of this Impala has rejected many offers for this 180,000+ miles specimen that he has been driving for more than a decade.

At we want to hear about your buy here pay here Raleigh NC adventures in auto maintenance and repair (or “upgrading”). If you have a vehicle that is worthy of a tribute, please write or EMail and send us photos!

*BFH= Big F#%&)ing Hammer


The buy here pay here car fact news source for real cars, super cars, modified cars, race car, new cars, used cars and concept cars.

Rental Car with buy here pay here Atlanta : Capital Dream Cars Adds Lamborghini Gallardo to Exotic Car Rental Fleet

Nowadays auto enthusiast and people can live up their dream even if only for a few days, they can rent exotic cars from many exotic rental car companies.

Capital Dream buy here pay here Cars Adds Lamborghini Gallardo to Exotic Car Rental Fleet

MCLEAN, Va., May 2 — Yellow Lamborghini Gallardo. Three words that conjure a universe of images and emotional reactions — razor-sharp headlights, deep buy here pay here car lots side air intakes, long edgy lines of bodywork, a hundred cell phone cameras flipped open as one drives by.

No wonder Capital Dream buy here pay here Orlando Cars, Washington, DC’s premier exotic car rental service, is pleased to announce the Lamborghini Gallardo as the latest addition to its fleet of world-class rental automobiles with buy here pay here car lots.

“The hard-top, E-Gear transmission Lamborghini is a nice cheap new car prices complement to our manual Ferrari convertible and tiptronic Bentley coupe,” says Jumi Kim, Founding Partner of Capital Dream Cars. “Whether you want a coupe or convertible, a manual, semi-automatic or automatic transmission, we have a  buy here pay here MD vehicle for every preference, season and occasion.”

Inspired by the buy here pay here chicago design of modern fighter jets, the Gallardo is muscular and dynamic in styling and performance. It isn’t called a SantAgata’ raging bull for nothing. The Gallardo boasts a 5.0 liter, V10 engine that produces 500 horsepower and accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. And, yet, it is also a remarkably in house financing balanced vehicle with a drive some have even dared to call smooth.

The Gallardo’s interior is a sleek black that Motor Trend magazine calls “the best cabin ever bolted and buy pay here car lots stitched into a Lamborghini…an exotic-car *****pit that you’ll actually want to ride in.” It is equipped with power seats, heated seats/floor mats/exterior mirrors, on-board computer, coming home function, 19″ alloy wheels, and silver brake calipers with cheap cars for sale.

A Lamborghini of Washington spokesman states, “Five thousand Gallardos can’t be wrong. Buy Here Pay Here Dayton Ohio  performance and fun are why the Gallardo is the most successful Lamborghini ever built and one of the most popular sports cars today.”

In other words, be warned: Buy Here Pay Here Financing, attention comes standard.
2000 Real Car Contest Winners


How to lease a car with bad credit?

Do you have a tale bad credit car lease to tell about your favorite, or even your most detested car or truck? Follow the links below to read last year’s winners.

Our Grand Prize with  New Car Special Offers Winner sings the praises of “Old Blue,” (not to be confused with “New Blue”), a Ford Country Squire Station Wagon.

First, bad credit car leasing Place winners include a movie star, a John Deere Toyota Land Cruiser, 78-year-old Olga and the ’71 Malibu she bought new, and others.

Finally, our Honorable Mention category salutes other memorable buy here pay here semi trucks and cars . (They can’t all be Grand Prize Winners!)

Take a look and by all means, let us know what you think at

2001 Real buy here pay here car lots Contest

Do you have a good in house financing to tell about a vehicle you’ve owned?  Do you have some faded photos in the family archives?  If so, enter them in the 2001 Real Car Contest.   If you are now driving a Real Car (alright, not right now), borrow a friend’s digital camera and send photos in tomorrow! (The official deadline is Nov. 30, 2001)

2000 Real Car Contest Winners

What can you win?

Well, we’d like to offer you an autographed copy of the not-yet-officially-titled Real Car book, but we don’t exactly have a signed contract with a publisher yet.  Technically, we haven’t written the book yet either, but we have spent a great deal of time visualizing the book.

Also, we tend to buy here pay here consider such things as mere details because of the enthusiastic response that has seen.  We feel that there will be a Real Car book, and when there is, we will distribute autographed copies.  How’s that?

In the meantime, we can promise you a genuine (autographed if you’d prefer) “Real People Drive cheap cars for sale able in several high-fashion colors. 

Check the rules below for the buy here pay here Maine 2001 Real Car Contest.  They are very simple.  Then, track down a Real Car and send us your best photos and stories!  You, too, could become buyherepayhere famous, but remember that the deadline is Nov. 30, 2001.

Ingredients for the 1977-1984 pick-up truck above: Take one Dodge Power Wagon purchased just out of high school, drive for a decade, combine elements from six parts trucks, add bucket seats from Chevy Cavalier, then stir the cheap car for sale.

Contest  buy here pay here car lots.

  • Each buy here pay here vehicle entered must be registered and technically drivable at the time the photo was taken.
  • Submit up to eight photos per buy here pay here Chicago.  You might need several angles to capture the full essence of your Real Car.
  • Enter as many times as you would like.
  • Entrants (those submitting the photo, not the vehicles themselves) must be at least 18 years of age.
  • All entries must be accompanied by an official entry with buy here pay here MD.
  • The deadline for submitting to the 2001 Real Car Contest is Nov. 30, 2001.

Judging Criteria for buy here pay here car lots.

  • The vehicle.  Just how wonderful, horrible or creative is it?
  • Quality of photographs.  Obviously, you might have a phenomenal example of a Real Car or buy here pay here Orlando, but if the photo does not do it justice, we can’t do right by it.  Bear in mind that we seek publishable photos, so use your imagination.
  • Accompanying essay.  Now, don’t be scared of the buy here pay here Indiana essay portion of this contest–we will not grade you on grammar or punctuation!  What we are seeking is the story of your vehicle.  How many miles are on it?  How long have you owned it?  Where and how did you acquire it?  What are its idiosyncrasies.  For example, do you have to get in on one side of the car, but exit out the other side?  Target length: something less than 20 typed pages.


  • Monthly winners will receive a buy here pay here NH t-shirt and any other promotional items we can lay our hands on.  (Sorry, we have no corporate sponsor or rich uncles with deep pockets as of this writing).
  • Winners will also be prominently featured in the Real Cars Photo Gallery.
  • Any and all submissions could also become famous by being featured in magazines, books, and calendars.
  • Details regarding publications will be posted, so bookmark this site!

Legalities with buy here pay here Nashville TN

  • All submissions must include the official entry form, including your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address if you have one.  Please specify how you would like to be listed if your work is posted or published.  We would like a name and location, but either or both can be of your own choosing.
  • We do not require a blood sample for DNA blue printing at this time so visit
  • Please identify the photographer, so we can give proper credit.
  • Submissions become the property of Real Cars.  We reserve the right to post them on this buy here pay here, or related web sites, and publish them in magazines, books, and calendars.
  • Decisions of judges are final.

The owner of this Mercury station wagon was not done with her paint job when we crossed paths. Enter The Contest

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